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Released 07/16/2021


  • Diving: Added ability to dive with diving gear
  • Mapping: Added new Station 24 Fire Station for Richman area (Thanks @firebartlett for the donation to support this).
  • Mapping: Added traffic sign boards which can be customised by police, fire, ambulance & mechanics.
  • Mapping: Added new impound lot
  • Mapping: Added new Benny's next to PDM
  • Mapping: Added new LEO Training Course to Fort Zancudo with gun ranges.
  • Mapping: Added new Davis Sheriff's Office
  • TIC: Added Thermal Imaging Camera to Fire Trucks (use /tic collect and /tic store in front of a truck.)
  • Vehicles: New Ambulance for Fire Department
  • Vehicles: New Firetruck (Enforcer) for Fire Department
  • Vehicles: New Tahoe for Sheriff Department.


  • Anti-Cheat: Anti-Cheat Improvements.
  • Benny's Customs: Added Benny's Customs to Elysian Island's drift track
  • Benny's Customs: Added vehicle customisation to new Benny's
  • Dev Tools: Improved coordinates saver
  • Dispatch: Better blips for emergency services, 911 calls and other dispatch improvements
  • Fire Job: Added new firetrucks to fire garage.
  • FiveM: Updated to latest server version.
  • Hunting: Hunting can now be done anywhere with bait, without starting a mission. Get some Hunting Bait from any store. Sell stuff to the Hunter.
  • Interaction Menu: Added ability for emergency vehicles to change their extras if their vehicle has full health. (Extras cause the vehicle to repair when toggle them)
  • MDT: Added descriptions to MDT which are searchable.
  • Mapping: Optomised Mosley's Auto's textures to increase performance.
  • Old Resources: Cleaned up and removed lots of old resources to increase performance.
  • Peds: Added prison guards around the prison, with weapons, that will shoot.
  • Penal Code: Updated Penal Code to July 2021 version.
  • Prison: Added system to prevent prisoners from leaving before their sentence or without escaping through legit means.
  • Vehicles: Optimised lots of vehicle textures to increase performance.
  • Vehicles: Improved police vehicle handling, now standardised across police vehicles.

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Boss Menu: Disabled money washing in favour of dirty drop to reduce impact on the economy
  • Chop Shop: Moved chopshop to Sandy Shores.
  • Dispatch: Switched blips to be handled by dispatch instead of alerts.
  • Dispatch: Tweaked some codes to reflect their 10-10 code instead of their report code
  • Dispatch: Increased blip sizes
  • Impound: Moved impound to new impound yard.
  • Impound: Changed minimum fee from $50 to $100, and max fee from $500 to $50,000 to reflect penalties.
  • Launder Lady: Increased overall capitcal to 10,000.
  • Notifications: Disable flyout notifications as players used this to metagame.
  • Payouts: Adjusted multiple payouts across the board after testing & feedback.
  • Store Robberies: Removed mugshots from being sent in favour of new camera aystem coming soon.
  • Vehicles: Increased price of race transmission, brakes, turbo, headlights, engines.
  • Vehicles: Removed option to purchase armour until it can be balanced.
  • Vehicles: Refactor some code for vehicle damage system

Bug Fixes

  • Admin Menu: Fixed admin menu not closing.
  • Ambulance Job: Fixed paramedics not being able to access government radio frequencies.
  • Blips: Fixed blips not showing for vehicle mod shops.
  • Boss Menu: Fixed a bug where Boss Menu wouldn't open for bosses.
  • Car Thief Thug: Removed a vehicle which was banned and unspawnable.
  • Dispatch: Fixed store robbery calls not dispatching properly
  • Dispatch: Fixed blips not showing for calls
  • Dispatch: Fixed spamming sound when a job comes through
  • Elevators: Fixed elevators not working.
  • Fire Job: Fixed firefighters not being able to revive players.
  • Fire Job: Fixed firefighters not being able to access government radio frequencies.
  • Los Santos Customs: Fixed a rare instance were black screen would appear when entering Benny's.
  • Launder Lady: Fixed Launder Lady floating.
  • Mapping: Fixed not being able to enter Davis Court House via the garage
  • MDT: Fixed duplicate buttons in MDT.
  • Scoreboard: Fixed vehicle dealer's preventing the scoreboard from laoding properly
  • Scoreboard: Fixed donator icons not showing on scoreboard
  • Trucker Logistics: Fixed not being able to repay back loans.
  • Vehicle Garage: Fixed damages not being stored properly for vehicles being stored

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