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Released 01/27/2020

Notable Features

  • Emergency radio is back, police officers and ambulance officers open your inventory and drag the radio on "Use"
    • Set your channel and in the top right you should see what channel is in use.
  • Replaced holster weapon with a new system so that parachutes will work.

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • Rebalanced stress system with new numbers, now only stressed when doing stressful actions
    • May need tweaks again


  • Updated server to latest stable build
  • Huge performance fixes
    • Adjusted and updated postal
    • Adjusted and updated street label
    • Adjusted and updated prevent ai dropping guns
    • Rewrote npc drug sales
      • Total saving 1.7 ms @ 60fps = 3~4fps increase

Bug Fixes

  • Backend logging fixed to help debug errors
  • Fixed phones to work with TokoVoip

Additional Information

Thanks everyone for their feedback, keep it up!

As always...

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