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Released 04/26/2020

Notable Features

Community service sweeping and gardening


Mumble VOIP

There is no need to install any external client anymore. The same tools are all available, phone usage, radio's and changing proximity with the "Z" key.

Tablet ( /tablet )


Updated Chat System

Don't forget there is no local chat and all out of character messages must use /ooc message


New Pink Cage


New Hat Shop


New Enterable Garage



Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Chopshop now pays normal cash.
  • Chopshop no longer requires police presence.
  • Car Thief no longer requires police presence.
  • Mechanic NPC Jobs now use F6, In support of community feedback.
  • Mechanic harvest items now near the Los Santos Customs.
  • Lowered ped density.


  • Police now have the option to use;
    • Fingerprint scanner
    • Check licenses
    • GSR test
  • Improved async-mysql to work better with high ping players.
  • Improved teleporting via markers to wait for ground.
  • Upgraded old scripts using bad natives.
  • Upgraded server to the latest artifact after tests it proved stable and resolved many invisible player issues.


  • Heavily improved esx_basicneeds and esx_status.
    • Performance now has improved roughly 16.9%
    • With roughly 240 scripts running the client tick is less than 6.5ms on average meaning you won't have any degraded performance unless your game runs faster than 155 frames per second.


    • On the server-side, the average tick is about 30ms this is to be improved, though through research all servers seem to be capped at a 20fps aka 50ms tick.
    • Performance is still being improved with a new complete overhaul on all jobs.
    • Tests so far see the new jobs running at 0.05ms while on the job and 0.01ms while not interacting with the job.





  • Improved esx_ecobottles performance.

Before: unknown.png 

After: unknown.png

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved stress system breaking on startup if players didn't select character within 30 seconds.
  • Resolved teleport markers with OneSync failing.
  • Resolved mumble connecting users to the wrong voice channel after visiting another server or reconnecting.


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