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Released 12/22/2019

Key Changes

Notable Features

  • Added additional hospital features
  • Added new interior buildings
    • Police Department
    • Davis Bounty
    • Night clubs
  • Added Snow and Christmas deco
  • Added Less leathal shotgun for police takedowns


  • Added a lot food and drink to various stores, mainly Robs Liquor and other Liquor bars

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • Changed TokoVoip waiting channel to be clear which room to wait in

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a missing weapons shop on the west side of San Andreas
  • Closed, Job payment fixes
  • Closed, Cruise Control and Emergency lighting bound to the same key
  • Closed, Mechanic Marker missing
  • Closed, Not being able to purchse money with money on hand
  • Closed, Reviving refilling all items to maximum
  • Closed, Aditional animations
  • Closed, Guns dropping on spawn
  • Closed, Errors with Fuel
  • Closed, No preview of vehcile parts before purchase
  • Closed, World disappearing when selecting vehicles - User Error (Hardware)
  • Closed, Adjusting vehicle prices

Additional Information

Thanks everyone for their feedback, keep it up!

As always...

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