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Released 12/17/2019

Notable Features

  • Add /panic button for police & EMS
  • Add /mcard to show Miranda Rights
  • Add /vcard to show Medic/Vitals Card
  • Add Ice Cream Truck to replace boxville
  • Add stress system. You can read more about this here
  • Made hospital beds interactable (you can now lay down and sit on them)
  • Add less lethal shotgun to replace pump shotgun. This will act as a taser
  • Enabled Christmas Stuff
  • Overhaul on emote system (replaced with dpremotes)
    • F3 to access, /e or /emote, X or /e c to cancel
    • You can also /emotebind
  • Enabled AI towtruck via /tow
  • Added air defense system for Fort Zancudo
  • Add Police Mobile Command Center Truck
  • Add fire alarm system to Mission Row Station


  • Update FiveM Server Build
  • Add radio image to inventory hud

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AI Towtruck spawn radius to be further
  • Fix coronas for state police vehicles
  • Fix exploit in jewelry store robbery

Other Changes

  • Administrator permission changes

Additional Information

Thanks everyone for their feedback, keep it up!

As always...

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